Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Disclosure nonsense.

Seen year-by-year, the total amounts that NASA has been budgeted from 1958 to 2008 amounts to $471.23 billion dollars—an average of $9.06 billion per year.

Now, imagine the "disclosure". The government is forced to recognize that those billions were just wasted in primitive technology, just to keep the presence of the cosmic visitors a secret.

Also, the government must recognize that clean energy was there, as a real possibility but we went on with oil just to keep the alien presence secret.

Government denied medical advances to the people, and could stop terrorism easily with sophisticated technology, but no…the priority was to keep the ET presence secret.

Of course, this disclosure would bring the total collapse of the government and as a result, political, social and financial chaos.

Now, those who believe this must be either analphabets or lunatics. Those who doesn't believe this and "sell" the idea anyway, are liars.



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