Thursday, February 18, 2010

Their arguments are Fallacies and Insults.

Dear Friends 

A couple of days ago, a member of the p4c group, "refuted" my ideas about UFO cults, and irrational belief, with these words:
"this is a CROCK OF SHIT."
I wrote already about ad hominem fallacies...if you do not have arguments, just insult. What else can they do?
He wrote also about his "experiences" and send a well known unreliable video as evidence. I wrote this to him:

Oh dear friend, please, keep your insults for yourself. Show some equilibrium. 
Let me write better things. You say this:

"I have witnessed a mile wide ufo and had a close encounter." Let me write it better:

You SAY that you have witnessed a mile wide ufo and you SAY that you have had a close encounter.

This is a personal , subjective experience, so it has no value as EVIDENCE.

Sorry but this is how serious, responsible thinking works.

Also, thanks for your Video. Obviously this shows a UFO, that is an Unidentified Flying Object.
We do not know what is, where it comes from, what it wants (if any)
There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that it is an ET craft.
By the way my friend, what;s going on with Dr. Salla? Do you know why he remains "silent", detached? 
My feeling is that he is negoitiating a return to the academic forum after some kind of abjuration of his Exopolitical beliefs. 
The truth is that the UFO bussines, or the New Age tourism is not working any more. People is silly but not so silly, you know.
I think that Dr. Boylan, self- proclaimed Councilor of Earth, will soon make his "mutis per forum"


James, A friend of Truth


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