Sunday, February 21, 2010

Loss of Control in UFO Marketing

Dear People

I want to share with you some ideas about what I call Group Loss of Control.
First, let me tell you that I am writing about UFO groups with open or disguised purpose of profit.
These groups  appeal to those that are interested in the UFO Phenomenon, and also those who follow the weird, the shocking mystic and pseudo-scientific theory.
The rational Ufologist will soon find if the group he is interested, is serious and rational, or if it's just more of the same, the weird blend of superstition, absurd, imaginary contacts and faked messages.
After some posts reading, the serious Ufologist will leave the group and it's unsubstantiated fantasies and promises.
Instead, those who need to fight daily boredom through hope in some supernatural phenomenon or event, will read anxiously what the cosmic guru announces. (Call this Gurus Exopoliticians, Councilors of Earth, Ambassadors to the Universe, name it.)
Now, IF the UFO profiteer wants to keep his audience and turn it into a flock, he must give them more and more everyday.
But let us suppose that the Wise Man becomes tired or depressed. If this is so, for some time people will post their own experiences, their own ideas, their fantasies, and after some time, they will find another "Promised Land". A new Group.
It's important to follow this process of demoralization, which is happening NOW in several EXO groups.
The "leader" with nothing to say, looses control.
The flock will soon look for some new "pastor".

Of course, for the self proclaimed EXO, is not easy to feed the people each day with novelties, particularly in the " nothing happens " rarefied UFO environment.
Again and again, the same discredited names, same faked pictures; the silly ET discourses full of New Age nonsense, and of course the open lies about future disclosures.
In other words, the loss of control comes when the Guru and his/her followers, become tired of UFO marketing that nobody buys. 




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