Friday, November 20, 2009

Showing the tricks of Exopoliticians and other Cosmic Charlatans.

Just think about what Exopoliticians and charlatans are telling us, and you will find the same old tricks of the snake oil sellers.
Let me give you some examples.
They tell us that most people believe in UFOs, and then they talk about the inevitability of the Disclosure. 
Now, when you say that most people believe in UFOs, you are in no way proclaiming that people are worried about UFOs.
The truth is that most people do not care at all about UFOs.
UFOs belong to the popular culture. UFO are memes. 
I am not denying the real existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, but It is NOT TRUE that people is worried about these  "artifacts".
A small group of fans talking about the need of disclosure and the "people's pressure" are just writing and talking nonsense.
The truth is that people is worried about Economy, the Flu, the crisis, the Middle East Wars, and millions are worried about finding something to eat..!
We, you and me, care about UFOs but we are a few, just a few fans.
Now, the Government knows this, and knows that "disclosure" is not only impossible but more important unnecessary.
Nobody cares about disclosure. Only the profiteers of anxiety. They make a living on this, or better, they try to make a living. Things do not look good for the Cosmic New Agers Incarnated Mantis and Councilors of Earth.
Love you all

James Black


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