Friday, November 13, 2009

Boylan tries to keep his sect under control.

We can learn a lot about sectarian tactics reading the pathetic message of the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth. Of course, to keep control of the vocabulary, is not only an exercise in futility, but a clear attempt of mind control.
There are "good" words approved by this pathetic mythologist, and bad words created by the Evil Cabal. The world is divided between Boylan and a few believers, and the omnipotent Evil called the Cabal.
Again, the problem is not the silly paranoid scheme, but the people following this...if any.


    Orbs are conscious intelligent persons in energetic/light form. It is a delight to encounter one.
    It sounds like you are somewhat new to communicating on UFOFacts. We try to avoid certain terms often found on less-conscious webgroups. Let me use this occasion to remind everyone about our rules.
    We avoid the use of Cabal subtle psychological- warfare propaganda vocabulary here at UFOFacts (see: www.drboylan. com/cabal. html ) . It is desired on UFOFacts to avoid the vocabulary of the Cabal's disinformation propaganda, and their spin-meister propaganda semanticists. Negative and edgy vocabulary is Mind Kontrol Lite. Let's avoid it.
Thus, as Moderator, I request that the following subtly-negative/ off-putting terms be not used on UFOFacts:
- alien, ET- [use instead: "Star Visitor", "off-worlders" , "space entities", "starfolk", "Star Nations", star beings, etc];
- abduction [use: "encounter", "visit"; "close encounter", "CE-4", 'taken to a craft"];
- flying saucer [propeller-beanie vocabulary. instead use: "Star Visitor craft"; "UFO", "Visitor spacecraft", starcraft, etc.];
- Greys [space "Blacks"?? No designating people by skin tone, please!] [use: "Zeta Reticulans", "Zeta Visitors", "Zetas", etc.].
- Dracos (sic) [use: "Reptoid Visitors", "Reptilian Star Visitors"];
- extraterrestrial [(as a noun); [use instead: "Star Visitor", "the Visitors", "Star Nations", "star folk", etc ] Dakota Sioux Star Altar-Keeper Golden Eagle said that Star Nations did not want that psychologically- distancing term used].
- "Indigos", "Crystal children" [Use instead: Star Kids, honoring their accurate and complete identity.]
    Thank you for your cooperation in not subtly playing into the negative semantics of the Cover-Up's operatives. I know these terms have been inserted into the UFOlogy dialogue for decades. But it is never too late to clean up our language.
    Thanks, again.
    Dr. Richard Boylan, Moderator, UFOFacts

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