Friday, December 2, 2011

The Big Circus: UFO Science & Consciousness Conference

The church of the UFO's
Mail & Guardian Online"The United States presidency right now is a CIA project," said Alfred Webre, a lawyer in a sharp suit, explaining how time-travelling agents started grooming Barack Obama well before he reached prominence. Webre also confidently talked about aliens swimming in the reflecting pool in Washington while time-travelling Mayans looked on. But let us not get stuck on that. But...who is Alfred Webre?
Here is how the official biographies of favourites at the UFO conference might read:
Alfred Webre
A lawyer in the District of Columbia and most recently a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, which found Tony Blair and George Bush guilty of war crimes after a three-day trial in which the two were defended by amici curiae that drew from their published works. He runs, a website about applied law in the universe. In 1971 he was detained by a group of 50 agents from organisations such as the CIA after they had gone forward in time to retrieve a book he would write in 1999. He has been under time-travel surveillance ever since. He has weighty documentary evidence and witness reports on United States facilities for teleportation and time travel and is in second-degree contact with the Andromeda Council, a coalition of good aliens from various star systems that recently defeated evil aliens on Earth -- and generally -- in a police action. He also has voluminous proof of life on Mars.

Dr. Geri Webre, do something to help your husband as soon as possible..!
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