Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dr. Richard Boylan Contradicts Himself.

Dear friends

Dr. Richard Boylan tells us that a group of extraterrestrial scientifics, the Altimarians, are here on Earth working (he says ) to fix our environmental problems.
ALSO he says that the omnipotent Cabal is in fact a Shadow Government which controls the Government, the scientific establishment, and even the military-industrial complex.
HOWEVER, nobody payed a visit to Doctor Boylan to "learn more" about these Illegal Extraterrestrial Aliens, right?
Simply because the authorities know that the presumed aliens are nothing but an invention of the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth.
The Cabal, by the way is also a product of Boylan fantasies.
Does this man believe that we are Idiots believing anything he says? When will he show us some Evidence?
NEVER. If you ask for it, automatically you will be accused of Cabalism.

Lies can only be protected with new lies.

Be happy and Well

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