Monday, March 1, 2010

Informational Saturation and absurdism.

The following selection of the Absurdist Manifestro, should be read carefully because it is an excellent description of the Big Exopolitical Circus and Horror Show.

The concept of informational saturation is fundamental, because shows the deletion of the ¨limits¨between information and disinformation.

Eventually, from the absurdism perspective, meaning is dead, because there is no difference between fiction and reality.

Sample. To say that Nothing is True, is meaningless because IF NOTHING is True, it is NOT TRUE that NOTHING IS TRUE.

The self contradiction kills meaning.

In our view, the Exopolitical Circus, the world of Contactees, faked whistle-blowers, pseudo'mystics, and self'proclaimed Aliens;  IS absurdism, even if it looks like an opposite view.

We do not become absurdists, of course: what we do is to look at the Big Show of Charlatans, Liars, friends of Superstition and foes of Science, and see ABSURDISM IN ACTION, even if they proclaim themselves as Believers in Trascendental Meaning.

"...New absurdism is the historical continuation of absurdist literary themes and techniques within the new social backdrop of complete informational saturation. Its texts are short because the conventional use of words to convey sense has been short-circuited by the deluge of information surrounding us and is now rendered meaningless. Devices that attack the perceptions of readers must be employed to disrupt this static. Its texts concern the loss of individuality, loss of authority, the breakdown of societal norms, mental breakdown and the impossibility of meaningful communication in light of this revolution of information. The devices of past absurdists are now supplemented with the techniques of mass media and mass advertising to control the perceptual response of readers in compact textual spaces. Content is irrelevant because it's now mentally filtered out by reflex. Response is the only meaningful aim.

Before any cohesive group can form, conventions must be established that define exactly what new absurdists believe and do, and what sets them apart from others both stylistically and philosophically. I've come up with three basic principles of new absurdism. These relate to how the author views himself, the reader and the text produced.

New Absurdism views the author as constructor instead of creator, manipulating and processing textual blocks of experience through various metafictional devices and the thematic templates of satire, black humor and parody.

New Absurdism views the story as object, disrupting the narrative, presenting linguistic puzzles, disjoint structures and unfamiliar or created words.

New Absurdism views the reader as co-constructor of the final meaning of the text, forcing the reader back into the action of reading instead of passively absorbing the words that other forms of fiction now provide them.

These arise directly out of Absurdism's fundamental roots in Futurism, Constructivism, Acmeism and Formalism and are expanded only slightly to encompass new modes of thought on the philosophy of communication..."



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