Thursday, October 15, 2009

EXPECTATION is the Big Business.

What is Expectation? We all know it, but let's remember the definition: Expectation is the state of one (or many) who looks forward to something to happen.
For many, life is boring, hard, full of small and big problems. Someone comes and tells you that something will happen "in the future, soon".
From that moment, you become hopeful, interested, in a STATE OF WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN.
Yes...the "healing power" of this state of expectancy is the working tool of every charlatan, hoaxer, prophet, Guru, Exo-fantasist and religious leader.
They talk about the future, soon, tomorrow: Disclosure, Revelation, the Second Coming, Rapture, Contact with our "space brothers"...the Circus of Hope.
After all, when nothing happens in time, the Sellers of Hope will invent something new. Remember 2000? Nothing happened and now is 2012, or sooner, tomorrow, this evening..!

Big business selling Expectations...anyone can do it, if she/he is a true Charlatan. a Real con man or con woman.
I know...I know it's difficult to see life as it is. To understand that only our own effort will give us what we need.  Better to wait for...IT..!
It is easy to "prepare for contact", but the fact is that "they", the "ETs" were never interested in such contact and never will be.
It is easy to believe that President Obama will reveal the "truth" about UFOs and Aliens, and contact, and cartilaginous but friendly entities that will solve our problems.
But...honestly we know that this "disclosure" will never happen. Probably because...there is nothing to disclose.
Of course, while this NOTHING takes place, the profiteers of hope sell books, conferences, contactees, whistleblowers...their snake-oil that heals everything.
My advice: do not BUY what they want to sell you.
Do not give your money to quacks and pseudo-scientists. DO NOT BUY their snake-oil, their Revelations, their promises, their fantasies. DO NOT PAY FOR KNOWLEDGE THAT DOESN'T EXIST.
What will happen Tomorrow? Nothing special. As usual, the Aliens will not land, The Messiah will not come, the contactee will repeat the same silly New Age fantasies.
You and me, humans, will confront REALITY. We will need to see things as they truly are.
Fantasies are always a good business for the sellers of EXPECTATIONS, but not for their followers.



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